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Interest rates are calculated based on a borrower’s credit profile, underlying rating, method of sale, market environment and loan/bond structure. Purchasing letters of credit, bond insurance or other credit enhancement can help strengthen the overall credit quality and in some instances reduce the cost to the borrower.

Private Placements

WHCFA offers several private placement loan programs that include Quick Loan, other direct placements and EZ Quip for equipment – both fixed rate and variable rate. See link below for recent Quick Loan, direct placement and historical EZ Quip interest rates.

Private Placement Rates

Public Offerings

WHCFA offers both fixed and variable rate publicly offered bonds. During the pricing process, WHCFA and its financial advisor review all fixed and variable rate pricing information. See Melio & Company’s Municipal Healthcare Interest Rate link below for indicative healthcare fixed and variable rates.

Melio & Company Municipal Healthcare Interest Rates


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