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Notice of Public Hearing




The Washington Health Care Facilities Authority (the “Authority”) will hold a public hearing using a toll-free telephone number at the date and time designated below regarding the proposed issuance by the Authority of a tax-exempt special fund revenue “qualified 501(c)(3) bond,” as defined in Section 145 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”), in one or more series, in an original aggregate stated principal amount not to exceed $7,920,000 (the “Bond”).

The proceeds of the Bond will be loaned to Unity Care Northwest (“UCNW”), a Washington nonprofit corporation and a “501(c)(3) organization,” as defined in the Code, and will be used (a) to finance, pay or reimburse UCNW for a portion of the costs of acquiring health care facilities located at 1616 Cornwall Avenue, Bellingham, Washington 98225, further described below (the “Project”); and (b) to pay costs of issuing the Bond.

UCNW will be the initial legal owner and/or principal user of the Project.  The Project consists of the acquisition of an approximately 59,982-square foot existing building and related or ancillary facilities (including land, parking surfaces and facilities and other structures and equipment and fixtures), used or useful in connection with UCNW’s provision of integrated health care services, including primary care medical, dental, behavioral health, pharmacy, and case management services.

The Project will be financed with Bond proceeds in the maximum stated principal amount of $7,920,000.

A public hearing with respect to the proposed issuance of the Bond will be held at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time on June 1, 2022.  In light of the COVID-19 public health crisis, such public hearing will be conducted remotely, through the use of a telephone conference.  All interested persons are invited to listen to, and participate in, the public hearing by calling into the teleconference using the toll-free number 1-855-929-3239 and entering conference code 3720 2330#.  In order to facilitate registration of participants to the teleconference, it is requested that such persons call the above number no later than 9:55 a.m. (5 minutes before start time).  Written comments can be submitted to the Authority via email at shannong@whcfa.wa.gov no later than 9:30 a.m. Pacific Time (30 minutes before start time) on the date of the public hearing.

Dated:  May 20, 2022